When we talk about the most influential and popular songs of all time, every person has his own list – no doubt about that. In the following article, we have tried to come up with a selection that will appeal to every music lover.

The Clash – London Calling (1980)

This is the album where many styles are used and the lyrics are filled with social issues. Combining their energetic punk rockabilly, ska, funk, soul and even jazz, The Clash released one of the most successful rock albums, which was immediately received with enthusiasm by both fans and critics. Perhaps it played a role here that this is only the third album of the group and the public did not yet have a clear image that The Clash should correspond.


By the way, the cover of this album also has its own story. First, it’s interesting to note that this is a pastiche cover of Elvis Presley’s debut album. Secondly, Penny Smith, the photographer who worked specifically with the band at the London Calling concerts, didn’t want to use this photo at all because of the poor focus. Thirdly, this picture is recognized as one of the best rock and roll photographs of all time.

Van Morrison – Astral Weeks (1968)

This is an unusual album for such a list. It did not have commercial success, did not spin on central radio stations, and it is unlikely that many have heard of him. But if you carefully consider the many lists of “the best albums of all time”, then it takes place in almost every one of them.


Deep, sensual, directed exclusively at oneself, introspective, withdrawn — this album is usually described in such words. As the word Astral describes, listening to these songs while playing on the 22Bet NG website will provide you with a fantastic experience, taking you astral. Perhaps such an “intimate” atmosphere of the album and its integrity is due to the way it was recorded. The fact is that Morrison could not find a common language with session musicians for a long time, then the producer made an interesting decision – at first, the musician was closed alone with an acoustic guitar in the studio, where he recorded all the songs, and only then they made accompaniment to them. Moreover, the musician himself did not explain to the group what he wants to hear or what his songs are about. But everything turned out extremely harmoniously.


By the way, the influence of this album is noted not only by musicians (such as Springsteen or Bono from U-2) but also, for example, by actor Johnny Depp. And Scorsese admits that the first 15 minutes of the cult film “Taxi Driver” is completely based on the Astral Weeks album.


Miles Davis – Kind of Blue (1959)

Here, with recognition, everything is simple. Miles and his sextet released an album based entirely on modality as a counterpoint to his early hard bop work. It was not the first time he worked in this style, but, apparently, it was for Kind of Blue that he so perfected his technique and understanding. The album was almost unanimously recognized as the best jazz recording of all time. And in 2008, the album went quadruple platinum, the best-selling jazz album of all time.

Led Zeppelin – Led Zeppelin (1969)

This album was recorded by a newly assembled group, which conducted one tour with this line-up, where they had already begun to hone the material for the album. Despite the fact that the album was released on Atlantic Records, the musicians themselves paid for its creation, and the contract was signed with the finished tape in hand.


The group did not have much money, but they had complete freedom. In the end, in 36 studio hours and £1,782, something groundbreaking and completely new was recorded. It is worth noting that critics did not immediately understand all the charms of Led Zeppelin, the reviews reached devastating. But time put everything in its place – the album had excellent sales, and the British magazine Kerrang! called its release date the birthday of heavy metal.

The Jimi Hendrix Experience – Are You Experienced? (1967)

Released simultaneously with Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band, this album lost only one position to it in the charts, taking an honourable second place. The most interesting thing is that this is the band’s debut album, which was able to compete almost equally with, at that time, rock monsters.


We can safely say that this is the most successful debut album in history. But other than that, its merit is that the album was able to turn millions of people’s ideas of ​​rock music in general, showing its crazy, psychedelic, unbridled side. It is an absolutely new, breakthrough phenomenon that swept through the world like a spontaneous fire and made it a little different. The beginning of a whole musical-historical milestone.

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