Bro Effizy has again taken to his Twitter account to share his opinion on another important issue. Certainly, marriage is no child play and the maintenance of a stable home will not come entirely rosy.  Due to this, couples have to understand some basic things and should be able to tolerate the excesses of each other.

The Deputy General Manager of the Ice Nations Record label also has his view on this and believes that spouses who are loyal, submissive, and supportive are already naturally blessed with these attributes; and not altered by their partners.

The post was tweeted as shown below”

“If your spouse is loyal, Submissive, and supportive, not because of you but because that’s who they are”.

Many times we have seen loyal and submissive spouses, especially females in a relationship taken for granted by males who think they are the Alphas. This is quite unfortunate as it can destroy the natural make-up of these loyal individuals since the response they get is not so encouraging.

You should not as a man believes your spouse is loyal and supportive because she cannot do without you. In the long, such a belief ruins your relationship since you tend to lack control and constantly misbehave towards her.
Her characteristics are not a result of your love although this might influence them, but an exhibition of who they indeed are.

Conversely, some spouses might find it really difficult to be loyal, submit to their partners, and support them which can lead to a toxic relationship. However, the lovers need to understand that these attributes are relative and some people just do not have them. You should endeavor to speak with your partner for solutions instead of exacerbating the issue.

The matter raised by Bro Effizy is definitely one to ponder continuously on since it is a major cause of disputes in a relationship.

Every man admires a loyal, submissive, and supportive woman; however, you can always tolerate your spouse if there is love. With time and communication, things should get better.

Nevertheless, you should also strive to develop these attributes to maintain a good relationship with your partner.

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We would also share more of his amazing tweets to keep you posted. Till then, enjoy a happy married life.

By Yung Zeelee

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