CAR DEALER’S RENEE5STAR REPUTATION RESTORED: Scammer’s Apology Clears Renee5star Name in Romance Fraud Case

Hello everyone, want to share an update that happened some years back and wrongful accusations on adesuwa renee Ogiozee, ceo renee5star autos. This is the whole breakdown of everything that happened right from the start until the culprit behind the whole fraud was caught

It all began when a customer, called Joseph Olawuyi, purchased a car from us Adesuwa Autos in 2016. A simple transaction, or so I thought. Little did she know, there was a twist waiting to unfold.

You see, Joseph had an online love he was chatting with and he asked her to send him some money which the client agreed, so Joseph contacted Adesuwa autos that he wanted to make a car purchase and requested for her bank acct to make payment, which Adesuwa sent to him since he was an intending customer who wanted to make a car purchase, unknowingly to her Joseph sent the Bank acct to his online love to use in sending him the money he requested from her.

However, some years later, this seemingly innocuous act spiraled into chaos when the American law enforcement mistook the transaction as something nefarious when Joseph online lover reported that she had being scammed and present Adesuwa acct as the acct she sent money to.

Suddenly, Adesuwa found herself at the center of a storm she never anticipated. Accusations flew, fingers pointed, and her name, Adesua Autos, was dragged through the mud. Despite delivering the car in 2017, she was wrongfully branded as a conspirator in a crime she had no knowledge of.

The media frenzy was relentless, but errors marred the truth. They got the amount wrong, claiming it to be $560,000 when in reality, it was a fraction of that, 49k dollars which was equivalent to about 30 million naira at at 2016.

Adesuwa endured public harassment, facing scrutiny from all corners. Legal battles drained my resources, leaving her grappling with millions in fees. But through it all, she held onto her truth, steadfast in her innocence.

Today, Adesuwa stand vindicated, a survivor of a trial by fire. Her name may have been tarnished, but her integrity remains unscathed. And as we share this story, I hope it serves as a testament to the resilience of the human spirit in the face of adversity.

The culrpit Joseph Olawuyi has being apprehended by the Nigerian police force, zone 2 command Lagos state Nigeria, where he confessed to committing the crime out of ignorance and cause of poverty.

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